Episode 10: Jennifer Powell, The Influencer Powerhouse

Jen Powell, one of the first women to jump onto the “influencer movement”, chats with us today on how it all began. She originally was a modeling agent and jumped on the industry shift. She is now her own “boss lady” managing the top influencers in the U.S. – few to mention @sincerelyjules, @weworewhat, and @happilygrey.

Jen is one of the most respectable women in the industry and is on the forefront of industry changes. When you meet her, you don’t forget her! Enjoy…

What you didn’t know?
1. Jen’s skin lights up a room when she walks in – to say she’s gorgeous is an understatement.
2. She listens – actively. Maybe why she was the first to listen to her talent and take them from models to influencers.
3. Jen is “good people”. She doesn’t compromise her values for business. She’s a loved industry veteran.

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