Episode 8: Nicole Richie / Why one shouldn’t get caught in a Peanut butter cup life

Does she need an intro? Negative. She’s Nicole Richie. From her teenage years on The Simple Life, to her House of Harlow Lifestyle Brand build, she’s always had our hearts and we’re all still trying to understand how people like her wake up in the morning looking like a complete MUSE. Nicole chats with us today on how protecting your energy is a key to success and the constant journey of finding that perfect version of yourself. Midol is recommended for this episode – we were all cramping in laughter at her advice and leaning in as she speaks about her supportive husband and total mom moments.
What we didn’t talk about – Did you know?
1. Why she leaves things behind where ever she goes. Left her tea cup behind, we have proof.
2. She’s really deep, like really deep. She’s fascinated by space.

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