Episode 6: Vanessa Packer – This Role MODEL Founded ModelFit

Blessing is how people came to the door of her Soho studio but hard work was the recipe to her starting her dream. In this episode Vanessa digs deep into how her parents shaped her passions and how she ultimately met her match, only one peacock per couple (listen and you’ll get it ;). She pitched her dream to investors and takes us through her process and gives pointers on how to build a team and company culture with witty childhood antidotes. Her voice is peaceful and her path pretty, join her and Joyce on this path to success.

What we didn’t talk about – Did you know?

1. Originally, she wanted to be in the music business and was the youngest person hired at Columbia Records at the time – she started working there in high school!

2. Vanessa doesn’t own a TV or sleep by her cell phone, that kind of discipline builds strong character!

3. “I had purple hair when I was a teenager. I have cool parents – they approved.” YASSS!

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