Episode 5: Sophia Rivka Rossi’s advice is like therapy, just sit back.

In this week’s episode Sophia Rivka Rossi is in full effect. She reminisces about her first gigs in Hollywood as a TV Producer (of The Hills and The OC) and takes us through her big girl moments as CEO of Hello Giggles, the media giant that sold to Time Inc. She’s fire! Discover how she prepares her next big moves in business and why she compares herself to a rapper. Her background is (rocking) Moroccan so just imagine her gorgeous skin tones and warm vibes when listening. Enjoy!

What we didn’t talk about – Did you know?

• She worked at Color Me Mine in B.H. growing up.

• Sophia Rivka can read a book faster than we read emails.

• Sophia Rivka didn’t go to college but she will school you. If you aren’t a book worm, there’s hope!!!

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