Episode 3: Zooey Deschanel is happy and she knows it, clap your hands

Zooey Deschanel is synonymous with bangs and quirky and cutie vibes. “Success” is her middle name cuz she’s a singer and a songwriter, an actor and a producer, a foodie and founder of the Farm Project.
She’s loved by all and for the record, she also founded Hello Giggles, the entertainment and lifestyle website sold to Time Inc. in her spare time while getting married and having two delicious kids. She has a mommy first mentality and wants us all to know where our food comes from, so let’s get in tune and into our healthier lives ASAP.

What we didn’t talk about. Did you know?
• The things you love about Zooey on the screen are the same off screen.
• She talks with her hands a lot, maybe from her tap dancing days.
• She loves a ballerina flat like no other she wears them all from Ferragamo to Chanel and of course Avec Les Filles.

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