Episode 2: Liv Perez is as Huge as her Hustle

Say hello to this shining star, Liv Perez. She an Instagram influencer, Founder and Editor in Chief of Friend of a Friend (she founded FOAF– while in she was a senior in college at NYU Gallatin), which put’s users one degree of separation from the influencers of today – i.e. the Hadid’s.
She was born in Los Angeles Cali and lives that bi-coastal life. She loves her older sister Chanel and her charm and grace is immeasurable.

What didn’t we talk about – Did you know?
• Miss Perez was a ballerina and can be found in first position all the time.
• She’s as impressive in real life, really.
• She has Moroccan roots and although she’s cool and worldly, she’s wise beyond her years and rooted in family values.

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